The Wedding Coach

I’m Nu, yes that’s my full name and YES its strange, but so am I!

Coming from a successful wedding planning background, I have now made it my mission to help couples navigate and create their very own, ideal wedding adventures with my guidance and crafted tools.

As you know It can be a super overwhelming time from the very exciting moment you get engaged, till the day you say your “I Do’s”. With so much to do and more emotions than you know what to do with, yours, your partners and of course your families, it can be a touch much at times!

Think about it, you will be bringing together two families, whilst wanting to make your mark as your own, NEW family, whilst trying to put on a big function that all your nearests and dearests will love and a day you will remember forever. No pressure right… Well it doesn’t have to feel this way at all. This is just why I am here, to help you both figure out what you want from your wedding planning adventure and then exactly how to achieve it.

Let’s dial it back a little shall we?

Let’s get real and strip the frills. Take what society has told us is a MUST when planning your “Pinterest Perfect” wedding and ask the hard “why’s”. A wedding is SO much more than the flowers and decor, how much money you spent on it, what you had that your BF didn’t have and those million little details only you will remember stressing over. Wedding planning is in fact the foundation to starting a new chapter of your life together as a married couple, a new family. It allows you to exercise the skills of communication, navigate family dynamics as a team, have those important, and sometimes stressful ,financial planning chats and really assess your core values as a couple.

This time is an opportunity to build on a strong foundation to start your married life together. It’s all about gathering to celebrate you both coming together as a unit and should feel this way.

As a studying counsellor and coach with years of wedding planning expertise to give, I will help equip you with the tools to navigate and ENJOY the wedding planning process as a team. I ask the right type of questions that give you direction in your wedding planning process, as YOU plan your wedding.

It seems we all get so caught up in the wedding part and what a show it has become for couples to put on, that we may have lost sight of the marriage part. After all that has happened across the world it’s now time to reassess our values and approaches to how we do things, and reconnect with our core values in life. (That does not mean you shouldn’t have a big beautiful wedding), it just means you get the chance to focus on what your authentic celebration looks like stripped of all outside expectations.

Our Services

So the deal is I walk you through planning your own wedding. I equip you with all the tools and templates you need while coaching you through each stage to make sure you have it all covered and nothing is forgotten. You get to have your hand on everything and be a part of the whole process from start to finish.



In depth 1-on-1 coaching sessions where we explore, play and build your dream day with you in the drivers seat.


I have thought of everything so you don’t have to. I will help you tick it all off and make sure you don’t miss a beat.


A kick-ass toolbox of good- ies to help you plan the finer details. These tools will help you feel cool, calm and col- lected, knowing you have it all under control.


One of the best parts about this process is really finding out what matter most to you and what you want to spend the most time on.


Budget terrifies even the most brave but with my tools you will be happily paying your pennies knowing where each cent is going.


All the pretties and vision your heart desires in one place. Our sessions will open your mind to all the dreams you have had for all these years.

So get in touch for packages and to get started.

*T&C- I am NOT your wedding planner I am your wedding coach! You lead the planning, I offer guidance and valued tools to better your planning experience.

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