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Based in Cape Town, South Africa but originally from Zimbabwe, owner Nu Davidson created this business to fill a passion to create authentic experiences for people.Now a dynamic duo as Margot Coetzee joins the team to head the wedding planning division, while Nu, runs the Wedding Coaching and other business aspects.

Between us both we have, well over 10 years experience in running weddings and events and have mastered our craft, offering only the very best service.

Priding ourselves  on our authentic and personalized service offering, we take the connection between us and our clients very seriously. As we believe a mutual connection is the key to ensuring a successful and fun planning adventure, for all involved. Building the relationship on transparency and trust, to ensure we all always stay on the same page.

Our focus is always on the base of any function and what the guests/ clients walk away with. We ensure that the experience for everyone involved is a positive one, as we believe that if the staff involved enjoy the process, they project positive energy in their service delivery, which results in a chain reaction, from staff, to guest, to client. If everyone feels the passion and excellent service, it is a fail-safe system to a successful event.

We are not coordinators who have a stiff “clip board/ ear piece” approach to our functions, we provide a personalised connection with our clients and guests, ensuring we fully understand your vision to the best of our ability and are able to create an effortless flow to the event, whilst maintaining a professional approach.

So get in touch, we look forward to the opportunity of creating an experience for you and your guests. Ultimately, life is a collection of experiences that mould us to who we are today.

Margot Coetzee, head Wedding Planner

Margot has years of experience and is a friendly, warm and dynamic person. Always going above and beyond for our clients, ensuring that everyone involved has a memorable experience.

Having been in the industry for years Margot has an effortless approach to her seamless execution for all weddings she runs.

A fun and easy going person there to ensure every detail is taken care of, so you can sit back, relax and soak up every moment of your special day with your nearest and dearest.

Nu Davidson, The Wedding Coach

Nu,  the owner of Nu Experiences has run many successful weddings and events all through Africa, with many years in the industry. But now has a new direction and vision for her future, studying as a sex and relationship councilor\coach.

Nu realised she had two passions and wanted to find a way to “marry” them both. She wants to coach couples on how to maximize their relationship but also loves wedding planning, and so The Wedding Coach was born.

With a no filter approach Nu helps couples planning their own weddings, with all the tools on how to plan an authentic wedding celebration but also on how to build a solid foundation to start your marriage and wedding planning adventure as a couple.

As there is more to a wedding than all the pretty things, Nu wants to guide couples on how to see their wedding planning experience as a foundation to the start of your new chapter together as a married couple and how to BOTH enjoy the process.

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